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All cars will be parked with their respective marques.
You will be directed at check-in.


A display card will be provided 
in the packet you receive at check-in. 


The Display card must be on your dashboard, drivers’ side. 

Car must enter show under its own power. 

Awards will be presented at 1:45. Must be present. 

No “For Sale” signs are permitted on or in the car.

A description of your car or build is allowed. 

No revving engines or loud music during show time
and no burnouts or doughnuts. 


If you must leave early, please contact a volunteer so they
can arrange a police officer to let your car out safely.
Pedestrian safety is of our utmost concern.


There will be a photographer and videographer on site.
Smile please! The photographer may have photos available later. 


Participants also state that their vehicle is insured
and complies with the Motor Vehicle Laws of the
State of Georgia where applicable. 


You will be asked to sign a disclaimer
form before car is displayed. 


Trailer parking is available nearby. Please ask. 



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